Book Club

Book Club was initiated by Fr. (Dr.) Jose George, Principal on 01/08/2019 for the students of Don Bosco College.  Membership to Book Club is voluntary and it is a student-centered activity.

To create unique value to users and make feel beyond the library.


Building love for books, inculcating reading habits among the users, getting acquainted with thoughts of intellectuals & feeling of belongingness with the world of scholastics.

Constitution of the Book Club:

  • The Club is the venture of the students by the students and for the students.
  • The office bearers of the Club consists of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Three Ex-Members.
  • Seat availability – 20 only

Objectives of the Book Club:

  • To promote or inculcate reading habits among library users;
  • To select and recommend the best reader award among the library users in every semester;
  • To organise and participate in various activities like Librarians day, library users orientation programme, library tour, book fair, book exhibition, workshop and seminar etc;
  • To assist from time to time in shelf rectification, cleaning and wiping of library shelves and to arrange the books subject wise systematically and scientifically;
  • To make known the benefits of book donation to the library;
  • To monitor and observe the deterioration of library materials caused by silverfish, booklice, book worm, cockroaches, white ants (termites), rodents, fungus, mildew, and mould etc.

Tentative Goal of Book Club Activities:

  1. Book Fair;
  2. Library Tour (NIT Library, RGU Library &State Central Library, Itanagar);
  3. Orientation Programme if E-Library setting up is complete (National Digital Library)
  4. Shelf rectification and to arrange the books subject wise systematically and scientifically;
  5. To monitor and observe the deterioration of library materials.
  6. To collect from daily newspapers important news such as Sports, Education & Career and disseminate them to all the students to update their knowledge.

Note: Any student who is interested in this voluntary activity is requested to enroll in Book Club. If you need any further clarification don’t hesitate to contact Book Club Coordinator/Asst. Coordinator & Members.


  1. Fr. (Dr.) Jose George, Principal
  2. Mr. Sur Chandra Singha, Librarian & Coordinator
  3. Mr. A. C. Ramnganing (Asst. Professor, History Dept.) Asst. Coordinator
  4. Dr. Lalgin Chongloi (Asst. Professor, Sociology Dept.), Member