1. NSS: The National Service Scheme is a voluntary organization of college students under the
Union Ministry of Human Resource Development to inculcate social consciousness and a sense of
responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among youth. The college unit of the NSS is vibrant
with activities and takes up a number of adult education and health-education programmes, and
Special Camps under the guidance of the Programme Officer.
2. JESUS YOUTH: The college’s JESUS YOUTH will try to inculcate religious values, faith experience,
knowledge about Jesus and his teaching. Any Catholic student can be a member of this, however,
others may be admitted on request. They have adopted the Govt. Primary School, Jollang.
3. BOSCO YOUTH CARE: This is an Animation Cell for Extension Service. The Cell will take care of
BOSCO YOUTH by instilling in the members the spirituality of Don Bosco to make them men and
women of good personality and upright citizens. Any student can be a member.
4. SALESIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT: This Movement intends to train Bosconians after the heart of
Don Bosco to love humanity and to reach out to those who are needy and abandoned.
5. CLUBS AND GROUP ACTIVITIES: The college encourages the formation of student clubs under
the guidance of the teaching staff. The clubs are LITERARY, CULTURAL, ART, GAMES AND
SPORTS. Literary and cultural club encourages and promotes literature related activities such
as debates, seminars, workshops, singing, dancing, music etc. While Games and Sports club
search, expose and develop talents in games and sports. RED RIBBON CLUB intends to promote
voluntary blood donation and awareness programmes related to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.
The BOSCONIAN CHOIR has been formed to propagate good music and offer opportunities to
the students to develop their singing talent. The members of the BOSCONIAN PROCLAIMERS
proclaim the Word of God during the college assembly and other functions of the college. GOOD
SAMARITAN CLUB intends to organize monthly outreach programmes to help needy people in
the locality. MEDIA CLUB intends to train the students to handle print and Visual media through
first hand experience