College Emblem and Motto

The thrust of the college emblem is spreading wisdom through learning. The lit lamp and the open book are indicative of this mission. Our endeavour is not merely spreading knowledge but imparting true wisdom that leads to holistic development of the individual and the progress of humanity. It is to be realized through the vision and the educative system of Don Bosco. Thus the picture of Don Bosco is placed at the center. The overall shape of the cross speaks for the salvation of all. Thus true wisdom begins with self-sacrifice. The quill of the Hornbill (State bird of Arunachal Pradesh) placed on either side of the emblem stands for the unity and integrity among the various tribes that will be achieved by receiving the light of true wisdom. Along with it the institution seeks to preserve the culture and tradition of the tribes – the wisdom of the ancients. The motto “Lead Kindly Light” is a plea to the Divine to lead us on to the path of true knowledge and progress.