All the students of the college will be divided into groups of 30 each or more and assigned to a lecturer who will act as a mentor to the group. The mentors will follow up the students of his/her group in every possible way guidance and motivation, monitoring attendance, assessing performance in assignments/tests, etc.

Prohibition of Ragging

As per the directives of Honourable Supreme Court ragging in the campus is strictly prohibited and those found indulging in it will be expelled/rusticated from the institution as per the College rules.

Don Bosco College Uniform

To maintain the unique features of the College and to uphold the traditional values of Arunachal Pradesh, Don Bosco College has its own uniform. It comprises of black coat, black trousers and cream shirt (full sleeves) for boys as well as girls. No jeans are allowed for uniform even if black. The uniform is compulsory and the students are expected to wear uniform on every Monday and Friday and other important days as and when notified. NO UNIFORM NO ATTENDANCE IS THE POLICY. A College T. Shirt is a necessary part of the College Uniform to be worn on TUESDAY and THURSDAY. It is compulsory for all.

Dress Code

Students are to come to college decently and neatly dressed. Boys are to wear full length trousers and full or half sleeved shirts. Girls are to wear full length trousers (short pants are strictly prohibited)/salwar-kameez/ galle/ skirts and full or half sleeved shirts/blouses. Caps, cargo, track suits/jerseys/sleeveless shirts/shorts or see-through tops are strictly not allowed. T-Shirts with objectionable Graffiti are not permitted in the college for any function.

Internal Assessments

Under the Semester System, students will have Internal Assessments done in each semester (One Common Examination of 3 hours and Paper preparation and Presentation). This is compulsory and a student failing to secure a minimum of 8 marks for each subject or absence of the same will find himself/herself debarred a student automatically from the End Semester Examination.

Grassroot Level Research (GLR)

As a special feature of the college, there is a Grassroot Level Research programme. Young students will be initiated to the methodology of research in the grass root level. Under this programme of study various villages in and around the college will be covered for research into the Socioeconomic and cultural life of the people.

Merit Scholarship

Don Bosco Scholarship/endowments have been instituted by the college for the students who excel in the University examinations every year. Students obtaining more than 60% marks (in every subject) in the University examination will be awarded scholarship as determined by the College Authority from time to time. The College grant cash Award and citation to the Rank Holders in the Final Examination of the University. Their names are also entered in the HALL of FAME.There will be a BEST STUDENT Award for every department after the RGU result. The Highest scoring student in aggregate for the particular subject will receive a Cash Award and Citation.

Co-Curricular and Extension Services

1. NSS: The National Service Scheme is a voluntary organization of College students under the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development to inculcate social consciousness and a sense of responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among youth. The college Unit of the NSS is vibrant with activities and takes up a number of adult education and health-education programme each year and summer camps under the guidance of the Programme officer.


The College’s JESUS YOUTH and DON BOSCO YOUTH units will try to inculcate religious values, faith experience, knowledge about Jesus and his teaching, about Don Bosco and his spirituality, personal growth and a commitment to moral upright living. Any student irrespective of caste, creed, and denomination can be a member of these.

3. Clubs and Group Activities:

The College encourages the formation of student clubs under the guidance of the teaching staff. The clubs are literary and cultural, Arts, Information and Games and Sports. Literary and cultural club encourages and promotes language related activities such as debates, seminars, workshops, singing, dancing, music etc. While Games and Sports club search, expose and develop talents in Games and Sports. Red Ribbon Club intends to promote voluntary blood donation and awareness programmes related to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. The Bosconian Choir has been formed to propagate good music and offer opportunities to the students to develop their singing talent. The members of the Bosconian Proclaimers proclaim the Word of God during the Assembly and other functions of the college.

4. Counseling Cell and Career Guidance: The college has a counseling and career guidance cell. Counsellors will be available from time to time for students to seek help.

5. Seminars and Programmes: The college organizes special courses and seminars of varying nature to promote an all-round development of students. Every department will organize a departmental seminar for that department at least once a year.


The College has a sufficiently good Library which remains open on all working days but during the office hours only. The Library guidelines will given in the HANDBOOK.

Certificate Courses:

Don Bosco College offers certificate course in the following areas:

i. Basic Course in Computer.

ii. Personality Development and Dramatic Skills (Dept. of English)

iii. Tourism (Dept. of History)

iv. RTI – Right to Information (Dept. of Political Science)

v. Study in Arunachal Pradesh (Dept. of Sociology)

vi. Basics in Econometrics (Dept. Of Economics)

vii. Book Keeping (Dept. Of Commerce)

Skill Training Course (Certificate by DB Tech – India) – 3 Months

i. Beautician

ii. Food and Beverages (Hospitality)

This is open to all after the class hours with a minimum admission fee of Rs. 500/-


Applications for Certificates, viz.,transfer, bonafide, provisional degree certificate, character,course, age, etc., as well as duplicate documents must be made to the Principal on the prescribed form available from the Office. Incomplete Applications will not be processed.

Working Hours of the College

The college office functions six days a week between 09.30 am and 03.30 pm. Classes are conducted from 9.30 am to 3.00 pm on all days. Second Saturday is a holiday as per the government practice.