{Week 1} NPTEL Design Thinking – A Primer Assignment Answers 2023

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NPTEL Design Thinking – A Primer Assignment Solutions

Design Thinking A Primer

NPTEL Design Thinking – A Primer Week 1 Assignment Answers 2023

1. Which of the following components must be effectively implemented to drive sales and generate revenue from a customer base?


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2. Which of the following implementations leads to the generation of sales and revenue from customers?


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3. Which of the following approaches is the most impactful for obtaining a deeper understanding of customers’ interactions with a product or service?

  • Engaging in direct observations of customers during their utilization of the product or service.
  • Distributing a user-friendly and accessible survey or questionnaire.
  • Employing a survey in the customers’ preferred language.
  • Collecting insights from the product or service users’ associates or friends about their usage experiences.
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4. Which of the following mnemonic devices is used to recall the stages of Karmic Design Thinking?

  • EAST
  • BEST
  • WEST
  • EASP
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5. In what way does Karmic Design Thinking diverge from IDEO’s or Stanford’s model of Design Thinking?

  • It comprises four stages as opposed to five.
  • It is rooted in philosophical principles rather than scientific ones.
  • It emphasizes the heart’s role instead of the brain’s.
  • It associates customers with babies.
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6. Which of the subsequent traits represents a fundamental aspect of design thinking?

  • Concentrating on the designer’s requirements
  • Adhering to a sequential, linear procedure
  • Engaging in an iterative and cyclical approach
  • Prioritizing quantitative data over qualitative data
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7. In the context of human-centric design thinking, what is the purpose of the “empathize” phase?

  • To create a prototype of the final product or service
  • To understand the user’s needs and motivations
  • To gather feedback from users
  • To define the problem to be solved
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8. Eggomobile serves as an illustration of a product tailored for which of the following groups?

  • Individuals vastly dissimilar to ourselves
  • Those desiring both the cake and its consumption
  • Forward-thinking engineers capable of envisioning the future
  • Students seeking to acquire creativity skills within a classroom setting
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9. What is common between what was said 2500 years ago and this course?

  • the same human-centred philosophy spans millennia
  • human needs, aspirations and desires are the same across millennia
  • politics, education, sports, and literature all came from millennia ago
  • being famous meant saying something that everyone could relate to
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10. State whether the following statement is True or False:
The customer journey map allows you to think about the steps or milestones of a process

  • True
  • False
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