NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 6 Assignment Answer 2023

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NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 6 Assignment Solutions

NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Assignment Answer 2023

NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 6 Assignment Answer 2023

1. Anjali and Kavita are sisters. Kavita is known for her effective communication skills; hence, everyone in their family looks forward to Kavita whenever they must convey an important message to anyone. She also speaks on behalf of Anjali every time they go out. What qualities does Kavita possess that make her an effective communicator?

  • Kavita can think properly.
  • Kavita shouts at everyone.
  • Kavita is very confident.
  • Kavita is a good listener.
  • Kavita speaks clearly and concisely.
  • Kavita uses ChatGPT to communicate.
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2. Everyone tells Anjali to learn to be an effective communicator because it is essential for her personality development. It is also crucial as Anjali is about to join as a company manager in a different city. Anjali asks them about the significance of effective communication. Identify the correct points that Anjali’s family can tell her.

  • Anjali’s success depends upon how well she can communicate.
  • Effective communication is possessed by arrogant bosses, which Anjali should have.
  • Anjali’s inability to communicate effectively could lead to misunderstandings between her co-workers.
  • The people working with Anjali will give their best only if she communicates with them effectively.
  • By learning to communicate effectively, Anjali could instigate fights amongst the co-workers, and enjoy the show.
  • After learning to communicate effectively, Anjali could trick people into giving her money.
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3. Anjali joined as manager at the company, and as predicted by her family member, she faced challenges in the first few days due to her lack of communication skills. She ended up either as a shy person or as a bossy manager who did not understand her employees. Pick the right advice for Anjali to become an effective communicator in such a scenario.

  • Anjali should hire someone to communicate on her behalf while she just sits and does nothing.
  • Anjali should fire everyone who does not listen to her.
  • Anjali should listen and understand the needs of her employees.
  • Anjali should try to convey her words and the intended messages clearly and coherently.
  • Anjali should quit her job and sit at home.
  • Anjali should learn to be empathetic.
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4. How can Anjali use nonverbal communication to communicate effectively and positively with the employees of her company?

  • She should make eye contact with her employees and co-workers while talking to them.
  • She should have a slumped posture.
  • She should keep her hands in her pockets while giving a speech.
  • She should keep her legs on her office desk to show that she is the boss.
  • She should greet everyone with a smile in the morning.
  • She should assign everyone equal office space.
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5. From the following sentences, identify examples of ineffective communication caused due to ambiguity: 

  • Please deliver today. 
  • Sheila is a nice person.
  • The thing is there. 
  • She is a cat woman.
  • I drink green tea in the morning. 
  • Raju is gay. 
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6. There is a communication barrier between Ramesh and his house help, Sarita. Which of the following strategies would be helpful to reduce the barrier?

  • Ramesh should cut down Sarita’s salary. 
  • Ramesh and Sarita should develop empathy toward each other.
  • Both of them should learn to understand the other person’s perspective.
  • Ramesh should talk to Sarita loudly and aggressively.
  • They should try to analyze each other’s verbal and nonverbal behavior.
  • Sarita should bring their Union leader to threaten Ramesh.
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7. Identify the barriers in communication caused due to the sender or receiver’s personality.

  • Deepak thinks that a rickshaw puller’s son should only become a rickshaw puller and hence does not admit a poor student in his coaching class.
  • A bearded man once bullied Tulika, and now she thinks all bearded men are bullies and stays away from them.
  • Arpita grew up in a society where women were limited to the kitchen. After getting an education, she starts working in a school and teaches women to work outside the kitchen.
  • Prabesh grew up watching many American spy movies depicting the Russians as evil villains. Now, whenever he meets someone from Russia, he thinks of them as evil people.
  • Kunal’s house help, Shanti, broke a cup while washing utensils. Kunal takes this as an opportunity to shout at her and cuts a portion of her salary.
  • Anuj used to think that his parents, who did double shifts at work, were bad because they did not give time to him. He later accepts that his parents did that to provide him with an education.
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8. Identify the situations that could lead to emotional communication barriers between two or more people.

  • Alisha fears that her father might shout at her if she asks for his permission to go late at night to her friend’s place.
  • Dhruv is still angry at his schoolteacher for giving him lower exam marks.
  • Since there is a lot of love and assurance between Meera and her husband, they feel cozy in each other’s presence.
  • Two brothers, Riyan and Aryan, are jealous of each other’s successes, though they praise each other outwardly.
  • Saurav has invited his best friends for his birthday but is apprehensive that some of them will not come, and in return, he should avoid attending any of their parties.
  • Shivani is suspicious that her partner is cheating on her but lacks the courage to verify it in an open talk.
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9. Ratna needs help overcoming the barriers she faces in interpersonal transactions. What advice would you give her based on your learnings this week?

  • “Try to shout at the receiver as much as possible when you are angry.”
  • “Try to gain the trust of the receiver.”
  • “Increase your credibility in the eyes of the receiver.”
  • “Try to establish a consistent and predictable behavior.”
  • “Belittle the people who face the fear of change.”
  • “Always select the wrong psychological moment to say something.”
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10. Jeetendra is from an English medium background, born and raised in Delhi. When he is appointed as a Block Development Officer in a remote village in Rajasthan, naturally, there are specific language barriers. What are some of the ways he can overcome those?

  • He should always clarify the context when using English words with multiple meanings.
  • He should seek the help of a native Rajasthani when required.
  • He should force everyone in the village to learn the languages he speaks.
  • He should try to understand the cultural differences between him and the villagers.
  • He should make use of positive nonverbal gestures.
  • He should hire someone to do his work.
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11. Fyodor Dostoevsky stated, “Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.” What does he mean by that?

  • There is no importance in the things that are left unsaid.
  • Unhappiness leads to unsaid things.
  • Happiness is overrated.
  • Unhappiness is often viewed with bewilderment.
  • Our happiness depends on how clearly and effectively we communicate our thoughts.
  • Our happiness has nothing to do with effective communication.
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12. Mark Twain’s quote, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – it’s a difference between the lightning bug and the lightning” is used to show the difference between:

  • Commoner and Convenor
  • Communicator and Effective Communicator
  • Communicator and Communicated 
  • Commuter and Effective Commuter
  • Communicator and Commuter
  • Commuter and Computer
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13. “Communication barrier” is a phrase that appears a lot during this week’s lectures. What does this phrase mean?

  • It is another phrase for communication skills.
  • It promotes effective communication.
  • It is an online course on communication skills.
  • It is something that prevents active listening and careful response.
  • It is an app that teaches multiple ways to communicate with deaf people.
  • It helps in transmitting communication from one country to another.
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14. Identify the INCORRECT one from below.

  • When a person is dishonest, they avoid eye contact.
  • A boss in a company has a bigger office because he enjoys more power than his subordinates.
  • When someone sits lower than someone they are interacting with, it indicates dominance.
  • If someone sits with their hands crossed, they are being defensive.
  • When someone gives a thumbs up, it means a job well done.
  • A person’s involuntary body language reveals their inner thinking or feelings.
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15. What does it indicate when the receiver acknowledges and reciprocates in some form that they have fully understood the message and its subtext?

  • It was ineffective communication.
  • It was delayed communication.
  • It was not meant to be reciprocated.
  • It was effective communication.
  • It was never communicated.
  • It was not received well by the receiver.
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16. Which of the following is not an emotional barrier?

  • Fear
  • Apprehension
  • Confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Low selfesteem
  • Anger
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17. How should a manager in a work environment overcome the information flow barrier in his organization?

  • By establishing long lines of communication
  • By creating too many transfers stations
  • By causing lack of trust between the management and the employees 
  • By creating a closed communication climate
  • By maintaining a democratic and open environment
  • By retaining administrative hierarchy
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18. Identify the right way to help Prakash become a good communicative leader as the principal of an International School with students from different states and countries in New Delhi.

  • He should enforce a strict disciplinary code.
  • He should speak to the students in Hindi since they are in New Delhi.
  • He should try to understand the cultural background that each person comes from.
  • He should punish the students who want to celebrate their unique cultural festivals.
  • He should suspend the students who do not understand Hindi. 
  • He should make it compulsory for the class teachers to know all the students’ languages without learning them himself.
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19. Two sisters living under the same roof are now feeling distant from each other due to a barrier caused by technology. What is the right way to overcome the barrier?

  • Post each other’s pictures on Facebook.
  • Video call each other in the morning.
  • Talk to each other in person.
  • Send customized GIFs on WhatsApp.
  • Create a YouTube channel and email the link.
  • Gift an expensive video game to each other.
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20. Pinki dislikes Swati but has never expressed it to her verbally. However, Swati finds out about it through Pinki’s nonverbal gestures. Which of Pinki’s action revealed her dislike for Swati?

  • Pinki hugs Swati whenever they see each other
  • Pinki invites Swati to her parties.
  • Pinki moves away from Swati when they are in the same place.
  • Pinki always stays near Swati.
  • Pinki sends Swati songs that she likes.
  • Pinki calls and messages Swati late at night.
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21. When Joy steps out of his house every morning, he sees his neighbor, Naina watering her plants. Every morning, Joy waves at Naina and smiles, and she reciprocates the same way. This interaction between Joy and Naina shows that communication does not always have to be verbal.


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22. To be an effective communicator, one should pay no attention to the audience.

  • True
  • False
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23. A multi-branched company is trying to improve its employees’ working conditions and eliminate organizational communication barriers. To do so, they circulate feedback forms across the company branches, limiting them to just the managers. They are doing the right thing.

  • True
  • False
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24. Salim gets very angry at his driver when he realizes they must take a longer way because his driver missed a turn. He tries calming himself down and tells the driver that they must hurry because he has an important meeting with a lower voice and a suggestive tone. Salim did the right thing to overcome the barrier in interpersonal transactions.

  • True
  • False
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25. Chinmayi is invited as chief guest to the Fresher’s party at her alma mater. Naturally, she is offered the front-row seat. To show her importance, Chinmayi wears a large crown. This causes an accessory barrier.

  • True
  • False
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