{Week 1} NPTEL Marketing Management – I Assignment Answers 2023

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NPTEL Marketing Management – I Assignment Solutions

Marketing Management I

NPTEL Marketing Management – I Week 1 Assignment Answers 2023

1. Which of the following statements supports the sales-driven approach to the marketplace?

  • Revenue growth is the ultimate motive of a business
  • Profit maximization is the ultimate motive of a business
  • A superior product can drive sales in a company
  • Sales and profit maximization are dependent on customer value
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2. In the context of marketing strategy, which set of principles involves dividing the market, selecting the most attractive segments, and crafting a unique brand perception?

  • Market Research, Promotion, Branding
  • Specialization, Expansion, Awareness
  • Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
  • Market Penetration, Advertising, Differentiation
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3. The TATA Nano’s failure can be attributed to:

  • High-quality materials used in its production.
  • A strong and innovative marketing campaign.
  • Overpriced positioning compared to luxury cars.
  • Misalignment with its target audience’s perceptions and aspirations.
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4. What is the primary marketing strategy that Disneyland employs to create a unique and memorable customer experience?

  • Offering the lowest ticket prices in the industry.
  • Focusing exclusively on thrill rides and roller coasters.
  • Implementing innovative technology for virtual experiences.
  • Providing immersive storytelling, magical environments, and exceptional customer service.
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5. What is a distinctive aspect of the customer service at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai?

  • Strictly adhering to a self-service model for guests.
  • Delivering personalized and luxurious experiences with attention to detail.
  • Offering standardized experiences to all guests.
  • Providing basic amenities without any additional services.
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6. Which characteristic of services often poses challenges in maintaining consistent quality due to factors like human involvement and individualized experiences?

  • Tangibility
  • Heterogeneity
  • Perishability
  • Inseparability
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7. The term “The Customer Service Perception Gap” refers to:

  • The difference between the quality of customer service provided and the customer’s expectations.
  • The time it takes for a customer service representative to respond to an inquiry.
  • The gap between various communication channels used for customer service.
  • The interval between customer service training sessions
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8. Which of the following represents the correct chronological order of the evolution of marketing concepts?

  • Product focus, Production focus, Selling, Marketing, Holistic Marketing, Market Orientation
  • Production focus, Product focus, Selling, Marketing, Market Orientation, Holistic Marketing
  • Selling, Product focus, Production focus, Marketing, Market Orientation, Holistic Marketing
  • Production focus, Selling, Product focus, Marketing, Market Orientation, Holistic Marketing
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9. Which components are integral to the concept of Holistic Marketing, emphasizing creating a comprehensive and unified approach to marketing strategies?

  • Internal Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Socially Responsible Marketing
  • Product Marketing, Competitive Marketing, Promotional Marketing, Targeted Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Viral Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing
  • External Marketing, Profit Maximization, Transactional Marketing, Reactive Marketing
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10. Green marketing focuses on promoting products and practices that:

  • Use green color in their branding.
  • Target niche markets exclusively.
  • Emphasize environmental sustainability and responsibility.
  • Include digital elements in their marketing campaigns.
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